Welcome to Remnant Westside Church

Starting in October of 2003, God brought together Remnant Westside Church to be a people that exists to raise up a new generation empowered by the gospel, who will in turn radically impact their communities. Since then, God has been expanding the way we express and fulfill this vision in our lives. We've been striving to be a place where people can know God and experience Him and to understand the individual and corporate call of worship. We invite you to be a part of this life transforming growth by joining us to celebrate Jesus on Sundays, visiting one of our many family groups, listening to an online sermon, or participating in many of the other events here.


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Daily Bible Readings

Tuesday 10/25: Judges 7 - 11

Wednesday 10/26: Psalm 18 - 20

Thursday 10/27: Job 13 - 14

Friday 10/28: Isaiah 34 - 39

Saturday 10/29: Romans 13 - 14

Sunday 10/30: Matthew 20 - 22

Monday 10/31: Genesis 28 - 31

Tuesday 11/1: Judges 12 - 16