Father's Heart Breakfast Pantry


In an effort to restore a sense of dignity to those ordinarily relegated to food lines, the Father's Heart serves an all-you-can-eat hot breakfast in a restaurant-style setting. Most of the guests “fill up” as much as they can, knowing they will not have a meal like this for another week. Guests are also encouraged to take part in the food pantry program, which supplies emergency and supplemental food in grocery bags.

Father's Heart KidZone


KidZone is an after-school, open recreation program which also functions as a soup kitchen. In addition to providing hot meals to children and youths, KidZone offers programs that address the physical, social, recreational, cultural and cognitive needs of the children and teens in our community. Some of these activities include: arts and crafts, socializing through games, homework help and tutoring, literacy building, nutrition education, Robotics and financial literacy.