Missions Intern
Nancy Cheng


I'm so excited to have this opportunity to walk with you all in this amazing new journey that God has planned for us in Asia!

In the nation I'll be going to, there are about 542 people groups and over 80% of them still unreached as of today. I've known a life without the Light and it was empty and ultimately meaningless since the things of this world are only temporary and short-lived. But after tasting the sweetness of His eternal Word, there is nothing that can be compared to the Love that enters the inner most parts of your heart. His great love resurrects to life something within each of us. He is what motivates me to be His Light and to make His name known, especially to the unreached. 

Thank you all for your love and support and let's continue to run this amazing race together that was set out before the foundations of the world united as His Body, one in spirit and mind. That the world may know His mighty Name.


Support in Prayer

  • For divine opportunities to spread His Word with fullness of Presence and Power.

  • To raise up leaders who know their identities in the Father.

  • Physical and Spiritual protection, no spiritual resistance, to always operate in the freedom of His Presence.

  • For overflowing ministry of His Love, Joy, and Peace to all.

  • For complete unity in the Body that's bonded by His perfect Love.


Support Financially

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