I’m interested in short-term missions, but want to go to a specific country or continent. Will I get my preference?

We make an effort to give everyone their first choice for location. However… we recommend that you remain open to God’s leading, and flexible to the commitments of the church and AMI to the local churches and missionaries. On the application, you will be able to indicate your preferences for specific locations. Teams may be selected based on various considerations including but not limited to language skills, occupational training, and availability of the members.

What is the training schedule  & commitment like?

The general training will run for 8 weeks on Sundays after church from 2/25/18 – 5/6/18 (excluding spring break). Training  will include activities such as teaching, prayer & worship, evangelism training, team-building activities, community service, and street evangelism.

Team-specific training will start about 4–6 weeks prior to the trip (depending on trip dates) and will include 2–3 hour sessions on weekday nights and / or some Saturdays, subject to the discretion of the team leader. You will be expected to be available during the entire trip. Debriefing will occur on a Saturday within 3 weeks of return.

What are the dates for each trip?

To be determined.

What if I know I’m going to miss some trainings -- can I still apply?

If you know you are going to miss some trainings, please indicate which weeks you will be missing and the reason you will be missing training. You will be expected to make arrangements with SEND trainers and your team leader to make up any missed assignments.

I’m worried about how I’ll be able to pay for the trip. How is the cost covered?

Each participant is expected to help fundraise the cost of his or her trip. This is usually done by sending support letters to friends and family, but there are certainly other ways that participants may fundraise. In the past, we’ve seen participants get creative by selling homemade goods and organizing fundraising events with their teams or family groups. RWC also helps with fundraising by taking a missions offering through the church website and hosting awareness activities.

More importantly, we’ve never had a case where someone could not go for financial reasons. There are many avenues for fundraising, and we also trust in the Lord’s provision to make a way for you to go.

What are some expectations of me if I sign up for STM?

Beyond the time commitment (see above), you are expected to come with an open heart and mind, be ready to be used by God throughout the entire process, and be willing to be changed. In short, this means obedience to the things that God has called us to: loving others, forgiving others, proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples, and more. Prior experience is not necessary, but a willing heart is.

What can I expect out of the STM experience?

Every trip is different, and is often defined by the team you go with, nature of your ministry, culture of your site, and more. Wherever you go, you will be partaking in some form of evangelistic, disciple-making programs, varying in structure and form. This will allow you to have get a better sense of what God is doing around the world, and more importantly, to participate in it.

Do I need to be a part of church membership before attending STM?

You do not need to be a member of RWC to apply. We ask that you have committed to attending RWC Sunday services and family group consistently for the past few months at minimum. Note that there are 2 recommendations required and one is from your current or previous family group / ministry leader. No endeavor for Christ should be taken alone, and we believe it’s important that if you go, you are integrated with the RWC community enough to be supported by those around you.

If you have any additional questions, please email missions@remnantwestside.net.