Missions Intern Jose Lam

Early in my Christian walk, I was exposed to global missions through my readings on the persecuted church and became very involved in local evangelistic activities. After graduation, I continued to serve in the local outreach ministry and go on short-term mission trips, all while focusing on my professional career here in NYC.

A few years ago, I attended a Christian conference in Zambia. On the last day, the key pastor asked all the missionaries who were serving in Africa to come to the front so they can receive prayer. In acapella style, the missionaries began to sing in one voice, “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back.'' Tears of joy flooded my eyes as I saw these brothers and sisters determined to follow God’s call to missionary service. Though I was standing afar from them, I was with them in heart and spirit. I returned to the states, filled with a renewed spirit, and convicted that the time had come to be more involved in cross-cultural ministry with the possibility of going long-term one day.

Though my desire is to advance the cause of God’s kingdom anywhere in the world, I have grown a special heart for unreached communities where there are no Christians or not enough of a Christian movement. I am grateful that a door has opened up to go to Vietnam where a small percentage of the Vietnamese population define themselves as Protestants. More than just statistics, at the core, it is about going into the world to make disciples and displaying His glory among the nations.

I'm truly excited for the opportunity that lies ahead and I hope you can partner with me on this amazing journey to build God’s kingdom around the world.


Support in Prayer

  • Pray that God will open doors of ministry, partnerships, and friendships

  • Pray for the ability to learn the Vietnamese language and understand the culture; pray that I will be able to adapt to the new culture and communicate the gospel effectively

  • Pray for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual protection; pray against discouragement, depression, and loneliness

  • Pray for my relationship with Pastor Phi, the other intern, and the church staff; pray for unity, grace, and understanding

  • Pray for daily faithfulness to abide in God’s Word and prayer in the midst of ministry busyness; pray that I would be strengthened spiritually and that my relationship with Christ would grow.

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment in decisions that are being made at every level

  • Pray for boldness and empowerment by the Holy Spirit


Support Financially

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