Whether you're a college student, working professional, or parent, we believe in building a community through the intimacy of family groups. Family groups meet regularly to challenge and sharpen one another to be more Christ-like and to fall in love with God more and more. 





We believe the college years lay the foundation for adulthood. During these formative years, students' faith start to take shape. Our college ministry is dedicated and committed to encouraging students to take ownership of their faith as they grow in their knowledge of God and in intimacy with Him. We also empower students to develop a missional heart for their campus and communities.

Remnant Christian Fellowship family groups strive to be communities where members practice and live out the Biblical through the paradigm described in 1 John 4:11 on a smaller, more intimate level. They are places where love is expressed through sharpening each other, carrying people's burdens, lifting each other UP in prayer, sharing, laughing together, fellowshipping, studying the Bible, and other activities.

We have several college fellowships across the city where students get to worship with fellow Christians on campus. Campus-wide fellowships also have family groups where students have worship and Bible study.

You can signup for a family group here.






Young Adult FAMILY Groups


Remnant's young adult community seeks to stir people to greater hunger for the Lord by building unity through fellowship and Bible studies. If you are a post-graduate looking for a job, in graduate school or a working professional, we encourage you to check out a young adult family group. Our community engages in worship, studying the Bible, exchanging prayers, building relationships, sharing our lives and seeking the Lord.

We believe the Word of God has the power to change lives. And once we have been transformed by the Gospel, we are empowered to influence our schools and workplaces. Through these avenues, God enables us to make an impact in the city and the world.

YA family groups are one of the main vehicles through which the ministry’s vision is carried out. We have several family groups that meet weekly in various locations in Manhattan to read the Bible, worship and pray together, build relationships, and serve our neighbors and communities. (Acts 2:46-47)

Please email us to begin the process of joining a group. We look forward to welcoming you into our community!





RWC's family ministry seeks to build a Spirit-filled community for parents and children. The purpose is to establish a loving and encouraging community that strengthens families to live God-centered lives. We also provides opportunities to discover, develop and exercise spiritual gifts.

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Little Lambs


Little Lambs is a ministry that serves the nursery, toddlers and preschoolers at Remnant. As our family population is growing, we see the increasing importance of providing nourishment for young children who are part of our church. We care about their spiritual development at an early age. We seek to raise up children who will eventually walk in a relationship with Jesus Christ on their own. Through playtime, snacks, storytelling, skit performances, and energetic worship, we make sure that kids have fun as they grow in their knowledge of God's love and power. We want every child to feel safe, welcomed, and as though every encounter with our awesome God is an exciting time.

Revolution Youth Group


Revolution is a ministry that serves kids in junior high and high school. We seek to raise up our youth group to encounter Jesus in a deeply personal way and in turn live out their faith. We are incredibly invested in the kid's spiritual walks and their spiritual needs. We strive to develop discipleship relationships with them and be a source of support as they take on adolescence. We prepare lessons and activities that make the Word of God personal and engaging and provide opportunities for the kids to experience God's presence in times of worship and prayer. We want each kid to have a relationship with Jesus so deeply rooted that it will carry them through the oncoming changes in their lives.