What is 24/7 Prayer?

  • To mobilize our church to pray
    24/7 is a model that works! It has proven unusually successful at mobilizing people to pray like they've never prayed before. People learn to pray… by praying!
  • To stimulate prayer
    The environment can be designed to stimulate and direct artistic and non-conventional forms of prayer.
  • For accountability
    The room also provides a place where people have to turn up, and this ensures a constant flow as one prayer-shift hands the baton onto the next.
  • For community
    A shared location provides a strong sense of being part of a community carrying each others' burdens, celebrating breakthroughs together and ministering to one another.

How did it Start?

  • There is a long history of 24/7 Prayer Prayer Movements throughout both Biblical history and church history eg. the Essenes (a sect of Judaism at the time of Jesus’ ministry), the Moravians (247 Prayer watch that last for 125 years), to modern movements all over the world.


  • Bold, persistent prayer is both what God has called for and is effective. (eg. Isaiah 62 - God illustrates that the His movement is ushered in and accomplished through continuous prayer.)
  • Jesus told stories to encourage us to “cry out day and night” and to be persistent in prayer in Luke 18.
  • The early church ushered in Pentecost as the disciples gathered continually to pray.
  • *Throughout church history, many missionary movements and revivals have been linked with continuous prayer.

What about other meetings and office use during the week of 24/7 prayer?

  • All office use during 24/7 prayer will be suspended.
  • Friday morning prayer will be cancelled.
  • Wednesday night prayer will carry on as usual.
  • There are no SGs, training, 1 on 1 meetings, or any other meetings at the church office during the week of 24/7.

The elevator isn’t working, or the entrance is closed. How do I get in?

  • Call the church office (212) 213-3626 and ask for the elevator to be sent up to the 2nd floor, since the 2nd floor button in the elevator is disabled.
  • If the entrance gate is closed call the church office and someone will come down to open the gate and operate the elevator for you.
  • If the church phone isn't working you also have access to the on call contact document that will help you.

I’m the only one in the church office, but I don’t know how to operate the gate. How do I use it?

  • Use the set of buttons closest to the gate.
  • Press “Open”, then press “Stop” and open the door (twist the knob clockwise, full-circle).
  • Let the person through, and then press “Close”.
  • On another note, there should always be an “on call servant” on duty. You will never be the only one in the church office.

It’s late at night. I’m scared to go back home.

  • There will be a room for sisters that will operate as a Sleep Room from 12 AM - 7AM.
  • Sleeping bags will not be provided.
  • If you decide to stay the night, we highly recommend that you bring your own sleeping accommodations.

Will RWC be paying for transportation?

  • Sorry, no.

Can we bring food?

  • Food is not allowed in the prayer room but you can eat outside the prayer room.

Who cleans up?

  • You are responsible for making sure the room is clean for the next person.

What are my responsibilities for my hour?

  • Your responsibilities include arriving a little early, passing the baton, and calling the On-Call servant if you cannot make it.

What if I want to pray longer than my one hour time slot?

  • Please do not continue to use the 24/7 prayer room after your time slot in order to allow the next rotation space.
  • There area designated prayer overflow rooms in the church office.

How many people will be praying per slot?

  • 5 people praying per 1 hour time slot.

Something incredibly dire just came up and I need to cancel my commitment. Or, I’m going to be running late. What do I do?

  • Call the church office or the on call person directly so they can coordinate in finding a replacement.

When are sign-ups open?

  • Sign-ups will be ongoing.

What about the time slots during service on Sunday?

  • The intercessory prayer team will be covering that time period.

What about all the other prayer meetings throughout the week?

  • Morning prayer and Wednesday night will still happen as normal.

Should I sign up during SG, accountability, discipleship, or my other time commitments?

  • No.

Can I sign up for prayer slots during my On-Call duty?

  • No. Please do not sign up for normal slots during your On-Call time slots.

If you need help or have any additional questions, please contact IPT at 247@remnantwestside.net